Installation Tips

Frameshed sheds are designed for Do-It-Yourself assembly and installation.

All parts are labelled, most holes are pre-drilled and doors are pre-assembled. Assembly would require 2 adults. Tools that would be required are:
  • Power cordless drill
  • Philip head screwdriver
  • Spanner
  • Pop rivet gun (for door hinge installation)
  • Various sized drill bits (depending on shed style)
  • Measuring tape
  • Ladder
  • Support table/stand
  • Gloves and protective eyewear (for safety)

All sheds will arrive with a full installation manual to guide you through the installation process, however here are some tips to help you through!

Please note: These tips are to be used in conjunction with the installation manual. Please refer to your full installation manual for the detailed steps in installation.

Assembling side wall panels

Tips when joining side wall panels:
(1) Place side wall panels on a support table or work stand and align and overlap the ends.
(2) When attaching the frame channel, tilt head and observe from the side to make sure that pre-drilled holes are aligned before assembling with screws.
(3) Properly joined side wall panels.

Tips when assembling connecting channels:
(1) Slot ends of the panels into the connecting channel, making sure that the pre-drilled holes are all aligned.
(2) Secure with screw.

Assembling door frame

Tips when assembling door frame:
(1) Slot in door frame at the ends of the wall panel
(2) Make sure to use measuring tape to check for clearance on all sides for the door. Mark with builders pencil. Double check again before securing with screws. Accuracy is important in this step, otherwise the door will not fit into the door frame.

Assembling door

Tips when assembling door:
(1) Use a pop rivet gun to install door hinge. Use builders pencil to mark and measure first to ensure alignment.
(2) Installing lock

Fitting side walls (Corners)

(1) In preparation, use pliers to bend the end inner side of the side wall channel outwards by 90degrees (approximately 2.5cm) 

Optional Extra: Glass window

Executive Garden Shed - Installing Roof Frame

Executive Garden Shed - Installing Roof Rim cover


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